Princess Pythons

Goddess Nadia

The muscle goddess


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  • Added: 2022-05-24

    The Thigh Master

    Category: body part comparison, body scissors, crushing, Domination, feats of strength, fem dom, female muscle, flexing, head scissor, leg wrestling, reverse head scissor, thick thighs

  • Added: 2022-05-16

    The Bully

    Category: body scissors, breast smothering, face sitting, fem dom, grapevine, reverse head scissor, scissors, smothering

  • Added: 2022-03-29

    Super Scissor Circle

    Category: barefoot, big legs, fem dom, female muscle, flexing, head scissor, KO, muscle domination, neck scissors, reverse head scissor, scissors

  • Added: 2022-03-15

    Can You Handle My Scissors

    Category: amazon, armpit fetish, big legs, big tits, Domination, flexing, hairy armpits, lingerie, massage, muscle worship, neck scissors, scissors, sensual

  • Added: 2021-12-07

    Cock. It’s What’s For Dinner

    Category: BDSM, cuckold, Domination, humiliation, muscle worship, spanking, strap on, sub training, training

  • Added: 2021-04-08

    Nadia’s Scissor Massage

    Category: big legs, Domination, fem dom, female muscle, goddess worship, head scissor, massage, muscle domination, muscle worship, muscles, neck scissors, scissors, thick thighs, torture

  • Added: 2020-11-28

    Freak on a leash

    Category: BDSM, choke holds, Domination, emasculating, fem dom, female muscle, female on male, goddess worship, human furniture, humiliation, latex, muscle domination, muscle worship, punishment, spanking, sub training, torture

  • Added: 2020-09-17

    Bear Hug

    Category: amazon, bear hugs, bicep, bikini, body part comparison, crushing, Domination, feats of strength, size comparison, torture

  • Added: 2020-07-11

    Trampled at the Park

    Category: amazon, crushing, Domination, emasculating, fem dom, female on male, giantess, humiliation, punishment, torture, trampling

  • Added: 2020-07-11

    Sydney’s Bully Boobs

    Category: bear hugs, bicep, big muscles, big tits, crushing, Domination, fantasy wrestling, feats of strength, fem dom, female muscle, female on male, muscle domination, shit talking, size comparison, strength, thong, topless, trash talk

  • Added: 2020-07-11

    Not a Chance

    Category: dick rating, Domination, emasculating, humiliation, punishment, shit talking, small penis, SPH, torture, trash talk

  • Added: 2020-06-22

    Punishment in the Cabana

    Category: amazon, bicep, big legs, big muscles, body part comparison, choke holds, Domination, face sitting, fantasy wrestling, fem dom, female muscle, flexing, giantess, goddess worship, grapevine, head lock, head scissor, humiliation, muscle domination, muscle worship, neck scissors, powerful women, reverse head scissor, scissor domination, scissors, trash talk

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