The Challenge – Bear Hugs

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Video Length: 15:05

Goddess Nadia is the queen of the Amazons with her massive size and bone crushing strength! Every queen must be challenged from time to time. Today the challenge is thrown down by muscle mommy,  Brandi Mae! She thinks she’s got what it takes to steal her throne! Watch these muscle girl titans collide in a bear hug battle that will take your breath away! Nadia clearly has the edge and once she takes control, she toys with Brandi and decides to make her feel her wrath in reverse scissor holds and shows her ultimate domination by mounting her and pounding her from behind! Nadia loves hearing weak Brandis moans as she forces herself on her and conquers her in every way! Wait till the end to see the ultimate victory move she does to put Brandi in her place. Beneath her!!

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