Nadia The Wedgie Jock Bully Part 2 – Swirly Ending

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Video Length: 13:25

Goddess Nadia the wedgie jock bully is BACK to finish off her wimpy loser in this real wedgie session clip! The femdom wedgie queen just got warmed up in part one and is taking her hardcore wegies and scissor holds up a notch to completely humiliate this nerd! Watch Nadia at her absolute best ripping and tearing his panties as she cranks them all the way up with her massive biceps and super strong amazon arms! He tries to take it, but has to beg for mercy over and over! He even tries to fend her off with come wrestling, BIG MISTAKE! Wait until the end for her epic swirly ending before kicking his lame ass out of her hotel room with a sore ass!! What a sexy muscle jock!!

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