Nadia and Brandi are Scissor Sisters

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Video Length: 9:50

Nadia and Brandi are both known for their big muscles and strong head scissors! Of course these muscle mummy’s can make any man tap easily…but what about each other?? Nadia’s princess pythons are 27 inches thick and can KO and Brandis massive quads can choke you our by barley flexing…so who is the superior scissor queen?? Time to find out in this video as they go at it in the pool! Their glistening muscles and muscular physiques and raw power turn each other on so much…omg! After the winner is decided, they have to compare their big, luscious breasts and nipples! Rubbing and caressing just like scissor sisters should! This video is so insanely HOT!! You have to see it to believe it!!

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