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  • Added: 2021-02-25

    Help Wanted – Big Thick Cock Needed

    Category: bbc, cock, cuckold, Domination, emasculating, fem dom, humiliation, latex, punishment, shit talking, SPH

  • Added: 2021-02-15

    Best Friend Body Scissor Beat Down

    Category: body scissors, cat fight, Domination, fem dom, fighting, flexing, girl on girl, humiliation, lingerie, muscles, nipple pinching, nipple torture, punishment, scissors, shit talking, slapping, spanking, thick thighs, torture, trash talk

  • Added: 2020-07-11

    Sydney’s Bully Boobs

    Category: bear hugs, bicep, big muscles, big tits, crushing, Domination, fantasy wrestling, feats of strength, fem dom, female muscle, female on male, muscle domination, shit talking, size comparison, strength, thong, topless, trash talk

  • Added: 2020-07-11

    Scissor Picnic

    Category: arm wrestling, beat down, bicep, choke holds, female muscle, female on male, head lock, head scissor, humiliation, KO, neck scissors, punishment, reverse head scissor, scissor domination, scissors, shit talking, tag team, thick thighs

  • Added: 2020-07-11

    Rapture and Sydney SPH

    Category: bicep, big muscles, big tits, cuckold, dick rating, emasculating, fem dom, female muscle, flexing, humiliation, shit talking, SPH, workout

  • Added: 2020-07-11

    Not a Chance

    Category: dick rating, Domination, emasculating, humiliation, punishment, shit talking, small penis, SPH, torture, trash talk

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