Bullying the Bodybuilder – Wedgies

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Video Length: 6:39

Muscle mommy Brandi Mae faces massive amazon Goddess Nadia in this wedgie showdown! These two femdom queens start off by worshipping each others beautiful muscles, then it turns violent! Nadia gets to work immediately on Brandi with a barrage of wedgies, making Brandi scream and beg for mercy! Brandi is no slouch and comes back with humiliating choke holds, pussy kicks, bear hugs and even gets in a few cheap shots! Nadia doesn’t take this well, and teaches her a lesson with full body weight wedgies, pussy wedgies and hard spanking and riding her around like a show pony for her punishment! Nadia is the ultimate jock bully and will terrorize anyone in her way! These buff female muscle queens are sexy when they’re mad!

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